Architectural visualisations:
Still images are the most popular way of presenting your projects.

We offer stills for planning, marketing, design development, competitions and more. To capture the essence of your design, we focus on key areas such as storytelling, light, materials and image composition. 


Clay Renderings:

For projects in the early stages of design or those with a smaller budget, we offer sets of so - called 'clay renderings' as a design development service. These are simple renderings with just one or two feature materials - reminding in style a physical concept models.  The light is realistic but the materials are simplified.

Please inquire for more details.

Interactive Images:

We offer different interactive images based on JavaScript that you can embed in your website. Please inquiry for more information.


We can combine a 3D scene with an existing photo, which has the advantage of a shorter time of production with higher realism. The drawbacks include: being restrained by the weather and lighting conditions, as the CGI has to match the photo.
You can provide your own photo but we encourage to use a professional photographer, which we supply with the briefing document detailing the best time and angle to take the photo from.


360 - degree images:
Multi - viewpoint Images for either a 360 - degree gear or for an compatible internet browser.  We offer stereoscopic and non-stereoscopic 360 - degree images.

To find out the difference and which one should you require, please read our article:

'360 nomenclature confusion  - what is VR and what is not’.